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More than a fund

The Kharkiv Regional Charitable Foundation, "Daruj Dobro" was established in the year 2011 with a clear objective of enhancing the quality of life for individuals in the Kharkiv region and beyond. The Foundation has been instrumental in a multitude of causes, including supporting children and the elderly, constructing playgrounds, providing medical equipment to healthcare facilities, and numerous other initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in the community. Through its tireless efforts, "Give Good" has established itself as a leading force for change and a beacon of hope for those in need.

Our organization has undergone a comprehensive overhaul of its operations and since the onset of Russia's conflict with Ukraine, has shifted its focus to addressing the humanitarian needs of civilians and supporting the armed forces of Ukraine. The Foundation has emerged as a formidable platform that provides critical support to individuals and communities affected by the conflict, ensuring their day-to-day well-being. Under coordination of Anatoly Rusetskyi, the Foundation operates 24/7 with the help of dedicated volunteers and collaborating organizations both within Ukraine and abroad, including Europe and America. The Foundation's team is driven by a shared commitment to restoring peace and stability to their beloved homeland, Ukraine.

Meet our team

Courtney Alexander
Yulia Ovdienko

Chairman of the Board

Courtney Alexander
Anatolii Rusetskyi

Project Coordinator

Courtney Alexander
Mykola Lesik

Community relations organization, and legal support

Courtney Alexander
Sergiy Grygorenko

Humanitarian aid center support

Courtney Alexander
Stas Voloshkin

Humanitarian hub transportation management

Courtney Alexander
Sergiy Vorobyov

Logistics and delivery of humanitarian assistance management

Courtney Alexander
Roman Merzlikin

Partnership management, and coordination, hub fulfillment management

Courtney Alexander
Oleksandr Baulin

Performs humanitarian missions on occupied territories

Courtney Alexander
Oksana Suprun

Provides humanitarian aid to civilians and coordinates all the medical communications

Courtney Alexander
Serhiy Polumisny

Donor and initiator of charity projects